Canadian Made Baby Bedding & Nursery Decor

About Sweet Kyla

We’re passionate about designing and creating linens that are safe for your baby, ethically made in our mom-powered design studio and factory where we create modern designs that will last a lifetime. Each item is individually created to our high standards of quality, safety and longevity ensuring only the best for you and your baby. This is why for over 40 years Moms have chosen Sweet Kyla.


We carefully source our fabrics and materials from premium suppliers in North America. In fact, our 100% cotton interlock jersey that we use for our crib sheets, swaddle blankets, sleep swaddles and sacks is knit and dyed right here in Canada!

Safety and Security

We only use premium fabrics, free of harmful toxins & irritants that are safe and gentle against baby's skin. Plus all of our items are designed with safety in mind. Like our crib sheets & change pad covers which have an elastic band all the way around the entire bottom and carry our "lifetime" guarantee.

Canadian Made

You can feel good buying Canadian made items that exceed the country’s high standards for health & safety. You’re also helping to reduce the global carbon footprint with items made closer to home and that haven’t traveled from overseas. This is good for the environment and even better for your baby!

Minimal Waste

We utilize over 95% of our fabrics in the construction of our baby items, which ensures that minimal fabric waste is disposed of to land fill. Any scrap fabric is donated to volunteers who utilize them to make pet product & toys to help raise funds for local animal shelters or local schools as art supplies.

Giving Back

We’re grateful to give back to our community by supporting our local hospital and women shelter with our donation program. By providing our “Sweet Dreams” care packages, blankets and wash clothes for little ones in need, we hope that families and their babies can feel the love that’s put into every stitch.

Mom Powered

Owned and operated by two proudly Canadian, passionate Moms who have been there before. So you know every item is made with love!

Meet the Creators

Lynda Murray is a vivacious visionary with a passion for people and a love for design. With her extensive background in consumer marketing, product development and sustainability with some of Canada’s most iconic brands, she believes strongly that “Made in Canada” matters, especially for babies. She believes that how you get to a finished product is so important – and that’s why at Sweet Kyla, if we can’t make it we won’t design it. The care in sourcing responsibly, the love in every stitch, the numerous quality inspections to our shipping methods, is so important. She feels that the process is a big part of the reason Moms can feel good about surrounding their babies with Sweet Kyla – just like she did for her three daughters!

Pamela D'Ettorre is a passionate entrepreneur who gleans experience from her extensive background in the business of fashion creation, design, sourcing and sustainable and ethical production. With her vast knowledge and expertise, she is on a mission to bring local back. She believes strongly that “Made in Canada” matters to our local economy and the environment. More importantly, she knows that the Sweet Kyla team can design and create some of the finest made baby linens for you to wrap your precious little baby in – she sees this as a great privilege and believes that when an item is made with love, it can be felt…and a baby can never have too much love -- just ask her two sons

We are co-owners, designers and creators of Sweet Kyla, but most importantly we’re friends. We met on the school play ground in 2001, like all Moms do! We’ve shared lots of good times together as Moms on field trips, play dates, talent shows, dessert parties and of course graduations, while we both pursued our respective careers. In 2016, we decided it was time to follow our real passion to be “ entrepreneurs” and unleash our creative side – so together we partnered to carry on the tradition of Sweet Kyla. We love what we do and are grateful for each other and most importantly thankful to you, our “Sweet Moms” who have chosen to surround your baby in our linens