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Woodland Nursery Design Ideas & Tips to Create a Unique Room

  • For a big brother, the arrival of a new sibling in the home can result in feelings of expectation and curiosity. A beautiful, collaboratively-designed nursery offers space for the new siblings to bond.

    This was very clear in the collaborative project we took on with our friend, Jasmine, over at The Best of Home. The expecting family wanted a woodland nursery theme that was fresh, airy, and modern.

    We worked with Jasmine to build out the room's design. Combining our Simply Navy, Grey Deer, and Aquila collections give the room a gentle elegance. Soft bedding invites each member of the family to recline in comfort. Little woodland details play peek-a-boo as the eyes scan the room. A blue triptych mountain art piece offers a central focal point for the viewer.

    The big brother to the new arrival was a collaborative participant in the room's design. Our friend Jasmine invited big brother to contribute his own art work to the room.

    Made with love from one brother to another, this art work will hang in pride of place over the change table. It is a visual reminder of their new, blossoming relationship.

    You can recreate this shared experience of sibling love for your older children when a new baby is on the way. Invite your child to co-create the nursery space with you by finding them hands-on, age-appropriate activities. These shared experiences can be a great complement to the other important talks you have as a family.

    Here are some ideas to get everyone in the family excited for designing the nursery space, together.

    #1. Involve Your Child in Selecting Paint Colours

    Start by offering your child three to five pre-approved colour options to choose from. For our family in the story above, a soft and soothing palate was the way to go.

    #2. Create Art Projects for the Room

    Ask your older child to have some fun and get creative with an artistic project! There are a few ways that you might approach this task, depending on your preferences and style. Just be sure to avoid heavy glass or framed artwork in the nursery for safety reasons.

    If your little ones come home from school with a new drawing every day, consider a temporary art installation in baby's room. This could be a simple cork or magnetic board in the nursery. Your older child can choose the art work that they like best to have displayed in the room.

    This has the added benefit of involving your older child in the ongoing design of the space.

    You might also buy a small canvas and some paint for your older child to create a canvas painting. Provide your child with paint colours that match the room. Ask your child what imagery they think would suit the new room well and invite them to select a location for hanging the new painting.

    #3. Select Toys and Glam Up the Toy Bin

    What a feeling of pride an older child can have when they help to pick out toys for the new arrival!

    Pre-select a few toy options which are reasonable and make sense for a new baby. From these options, ask your child: "What do you think the baby would like to have in the nursery to play with?" This can be a huge confidence-booster for your older child, as well.

    The canvas toy bin is another source for creativity and contribution from your older child. Invite them to personalize a neutral toy bin with fabric markers.

    Big brothers and sisters can have a special and meaningful role to play in the design of a nursery. Find them hands-on, age-appropriate activities that are fun and memorable. This will help to extend the positive, joyful feelings of holding a new sibling in your arms for the first time!