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  • Window treatments often help make a room feel warm and comfortable. This is especially true in a nursery. If you've started to design the nursery of your dreams -- there's lots to consider when selecting the perfect window treatment for your room. Here are a few tips to help you when considering your options.

    Start with Size 

    In order to find the most appropriate size of curtain for the window in your nursery, and proper coverage, it is recommended that the curtain be 12”-16” wider than the window, or that the combined curtain widths be 2 to 2.5 times the window width.  Yet, if your curtains are for decorative purposes only then your curtain width need only be 1.5 times the width of the window, as you will not be closing them.

    Premade window treatments come in a variety of standard measurements which are;   63”, 84”, 95”, 108”, and 120” long with a common width of 45”- 50” wide per panel, and are most often sold as sets of two. If you're looking for variety of sizes and options, you might find our nursery window treatment selection helpful, with over 100 styles to choice from. 

    How to Hang 

    Your drapery rod should be fixed to the wall, between 3” – 6” above the recess of the window (not the frame) helping to give the illusion of height, while your drapery rod should extend past the window frame by 6” – 8”. This distance allows you to pull back the curtain and allow full light into the room should you wish, yet, if you have decorative moulding around your window you may want to extend the rod as much as 12” past the frame to showcase the moulding.

    Your curtain choices should consider what, if anything will be below the window.  For example if your window has a radiator below it, or a change table; and you want to block out light, a 63” curtain maybe exactly what you need.  Or if you have deep, extended window sills that cut into the room, again a shorter curtain may be required.  On the other hand if you want to add more visual interest to the room long curtains can do just that. 

    If you choose curtains that are similar in colour and texture to your wall colour then the curtains will not have much of a visual impact and be most useful as a light barrier.  While a curtain of a different colour, highly textured, or pattern will add visual dimensions to the room, as well as being a light barrier. 

    Style Matters 

    The choice of window treatment tops can be extensive, yet, within a less formal room - as a child’s room, tab top or rod pockets are often suggested.  Tab tops are easier to slide on the rod but can allow light into the room if the rod is not hung high enough above the window. They are also slightly more formal than a rod pocket top. A rod pocket top is the less formal of the two styles and can be slightly harder to slide should the curtain rod be too large. 

    Yet, both can be used in different ways to add some decorative touched to a room.  For example: a tab top can be interlaced with another tab top (when treading on the rod) which will close off the spaces between the tabs and provide a double layer of fabric across the window.  A rod pocket top can be clipped (not threaded) at the top and appear as a slider and clip top option.

    Window treatments are often the last décor item on our minds when decorating, but they truly can change the feeling of a room, plus they're a décor item that is truly timeless and can transition from nursery, to toddler, to teen room – now that's a sweet investment!

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