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Simple Ways to Set Up Your Nursery

  • So you've got all of the main things ready for your nursery. But what should you keep in mind while setting up your nursery? You don't want to have to worry about moving everything around once it's built.

    It's best, in this case, to create a set-up for your nursery beforehand, and really know what's going to go where before you start putting everything into place. Here's some things to keep in mind.

    Making a nursery that's friendly for mom and dad

    We've mentioned it time and time again, it's important to keep you in mind in any nursery you design. With a parent station, you create a space that's just for you, or any caregiver, to feel comfortable. It also keeps you factored into your sense of space, and can instantly let anyone know the important places in the room.

    Having this space will help you keep your own health in mind, putting less strain on your back, and keep you as comfortable as possible. Lower your stress, and the happier you will be every time you walk in to check on your little one.

    Laundry hampers for the nursery

    One thing about a new baby that everyone will tell you - it's going to get hectic. It's best to get out in front of these problems with little details that will keep your nursery organized and looking great.

    Hampers are a great idea for keeping laundry, extra blankets or toys and books all neat and tidy in the nursery -- plus you can easily toss things into the hampers and it's amazing what a difference this makes. And you'll know where to find that special blanket the next time you're on the hunt for it. We love that our hampers are all made no hard edges -- safe for your little one and for your hardwood floors!

    It's all about design and safety, and it's the little things that count here.

    Having the right lighting in your nursery

    Lighting is something we've covered a lot, and for good reason: it's important for both parent and child. Having a good night light is a fantastic idea, giving soft, unintrusive light at all times.

    It's also important to think about having a space that is very adjustable when it comes to lighting. With this comes the need for drapes that will fit into your theme. Our high-quality Grey Deer and Woodland Fox drapes are safe, Canadian-made, and give you full control over the natural light from any windows.

    Getting the best storage in your nursery

    We've talked hampers for laundry, but what about for stuffed animals and other toys and activities? Or our line of blanket baskets that give an expertly made touch to the practical problem of "where should all this go". Our storage options are useful anywhere in the room - from always within reach to tucked neatly away in the closet.

    A good rug will tie the room together

    A good rug can tie any room together perfectly, and your nursery is no different. But it's not just about the design and feel of the room, here. There are two very good reasons to decide on a space for a rug in your baby's new room: you and your child.

    You're going to be on your feet a lot, and a well-placed rug is going to give you some much-needed support. A soft place to stand is an incredibly overlooked feature in a lot of nurseries. Plus, when you're spending playtime with baby, sometimes the floor is the best option. A soft place to sit is just as good, and just as necessary, as a soft place to stand.

    This works for your baby, too. A rug is a great way to define a play area without immediately needing any bulky furniture. It's also a perfect, safe place for your baby to roll around and play when they first start to move around.

    However you decide to set up your nursery, remember to keep you and your baby in mind. It's not all about the designer goods or the structured, premade designs. Make your nursery your space, and you can't go wrong.

    Photo Credit - Yellow Brick Road Photography