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How To Pick The Right Crib Bedding Set For Your Baby

  •  A new baby is coming to your family :)

    You’ve just discovered that you are pregnant, and you’re over the moon about it! You feel a mixture of excitement, nervousness and anticipation. This is a big step — you can’t wait for this little bundle of joy to enter your life and you want everything to be perfect for them!

    A big part of welcoming a baby into your home is preparing their nursery. You will have to pick a paint colour, select a crib and other nursery furniture, and choose baby bedding. Since you want everything to be perfect, all these things need to go together. You want to find a bedding pattern that suits your personal style and design taste, matches the paint colour, fits the furniture, and so on.

    How do you pick the right ones? Luckily, selecting the right baby bedding set does not have to be hard. Sweet Kyla offers up to 4 free fabric swatches from different Canadian Made collections to help you match your nursery decor. We want you to get the perfect nursery for your new baby — and we know all about the importance of colour in design.

    Here are a few tips from our team to help you select the right baby bedding!

    The Gender Of Your Baby

    Many modern parents will want to break away from the ‘pink vs. blue’ stereotypes for baby colours and choose something outside the box. Yet the fact remains that knowing the gender of your baby helps parents pick baby bedding sets for boys and girls. Many couples will want to stick to the traditional colours!

    There are great gender-neutral options too! The design team at Sweet Kyla loves using greys, aquas and yellows (sometimes in combination) for our baby bedding sets. These softer colours can work well for any nursery. Admittedly, we can’t resist throwing in the occasional pink design into the mix!

    The Design Of Your Home

    One of the first considerations will be the existing design of your home. Does your house favor a particular style or colour scheme? Have you used predominantly lighter or darker furnishings? Matching the nursery with the rest of the house can help it fit into the space. Consider this when you’re choosing nursery furniture as well. Think about how much light the nursery will get during the day and pick colours accordingly.

    Bedding Sets Or Mix And Match?

    When you go to purchase your baby bedding, the main thing to keep in mind is whether you want consistency or variety. Do you already have existing bedding from a previous child or hand-me-downs? Then go with variety! Pick patterns that are versatile and easy to match with items you already have! If this is a new child, then go for a consistent look. Choose a couple of matching sets and it will be easy to swap out one when the other needs washing!

    Browse Sweet Kyla’s Canadian Made collections today to find the bedding set that will send you over the moon!


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