Modern Baby Bedding | Proudly Made in Canada

  • There are a lot of options out there for your nursery. Convertible this, organic that and everything in between. It can be very overwhelming for first time parents. But if you narrow your search criteria to be eco-friendly, it becomes easier to find what you want. We’ve compiled a list to help you get the eco-friendly nursery of your dreams.

    Second hand

    There are no rules that say your change table has to be exactly that. A change table. Check out Kijiji or yard sales for a dresser that catches your eye. With a good clean and a coat of paint, you just upcycled. You can also check out stores like Once Upon a Child in Ontario for gently used baby clothing and ask veteran moms for hand-me-downs in good condition.

    Natural ingredients

    If you're going to splurge on any baby item, make it a crib mattress made of natural ingredients like wool or organic cotton. Your baby will be lying in this space for hours a day. Hopefully. While diapering is a personal choice, it might be worth it to investigate the kinds of diapers or wipes you plan to choose. Whether it's cloth or disposable. In some parts of Canada, disposable diapers can go into the green bin. Get familiar with your local regulations.


    Look for low, or no VOC paint. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds, and types of paint that contain this have been linked to respiratory illnesses. Benjamin Moore’s Aura series is a good option. And if you're painting the nursery yourself, make sure you take lots of breaks and that the room is ventilated properly. Better yet, hire someone to do it and put your feet up.

    Shop local

    Chances are, the big box stores don't really need your money, but the local artisan up the street will likely do a happy dance if you get your baby toys or clothes from her. Even better if it's made in Canada! And this will reduce your carbon footprint. Etsy is also a great place to find décor items for your nursery and support independent businesses.