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  • Between choosing a theme, colors and the perfect furniture, designing your nursery can be exciting – but also overwhelming.And while having a beautiful, functional space is important, ensuring it is safe as your baby grows is paramount.

    Inquisitive, excited babes can get themselves into more trouble than they know, so it’s important to be one step ahead of them.

    Here are five ways to create a safe nursery for your baby:

    Blind Cords

    Curious little ones can, get tied up in blind cords while attempting to look out the window or open the blind themselves. Having a blind without cords eliminates any chance they could get tangled in them while trying to look out the window.

    Monitor Wires

    As monitors evolve with more functionality, they also come with longer cords for more portability and options for placement in your nursery. If you are looking to mount your camera close to your crib, make sure the wires are secured to the wall so that little hands can't get caught in them.

    Attach your furniture to the wall

    Kids love to climb and nothing looks more appealing than a dresser with the drawers pulled out.The problem is that if it's not secured to the wall, a dresser can fall onto an adventurous toddler while they're scaling it - possibly pinning them underneath.Most dressers now come with wall tethers and this should be one of the first things you do after assembling your furniture.

    Toy Storage

    Buying baskets and toy storage boxes without lids will ensure your little one won't get trapped inside a traditional toy box or have the lid fall on them while looking for a toy.

    If you prefer to have a box that closes shut, choose one with a lightweight removable lid or sliding doors or panels and holes for ventilation in case your child becomes stuck inside.

    Electrical Outlet Protectors

    When little people first become mobile they will grab at anything that is on their level. Unfortunately, electrical outlets are the perfect height for a sitting baby and they will try to stuff toys in them or their tiny fingers. There are a large number of ways to plug these electrical outlets so they can still be used, but aren’t a source of harm to your baby.