Canadian Made Baby Bedding & Nursery Decor

Canadian Made Matters - Especially in the Nursery

  • At Sweet Kyla, we're proud of a lot of things. One of our biggest points of pride is that we are 100% Canadian-made and Mom-powered. We love that we can create amazing quality products right here at home, so that you can feel good surrounding your little one in quality linens.

    By designing and creating our baby bedding locally, we continue to be committed to the craft of linen manufacturing in Canada -- which helps to create jobs and lower the carbon footprint. 

    Creating items that are safe for your baby is one of the most important things that makes  Sweet Kyla  so unique. We only use premium fabrics, free of harmful toxins & irritants that are safe and gentle against baby's skin. Plus all of our items are designed with safety in mind. Like our crib sheets & change pad covers which have an elastic band all the way around the entire bottom and carry our "lifetime" guarantee.

    100% Canadian owned and operated, when you buy from us, you know that you are buying local from local people who really care about what we do. You can also be sure that we dedicate ourselves to making the highest quality baby linens.

    black and white monochromatic baby nursery with white crib and dresser

    With that in mind, we wanted to highlight the very best reasons that “Canadian Made” is the perfect stamp of approval, as well as give a shout-out to those other Canadian companies that want nothing more than to give you the best possible service and products.

    There are a ton of companies that are owned and operated in Canada. Knowing where your materials are coming from is a comforting thought. It really does help to know that you are surrounding their baby with the best while also supporting the Canadian business community.

    College Woodwork - High Quality, Wooden Furniture

    white crib with black leather like feature and buffalo check grey crib skirt

    We could say a ton about why and exactly how much we love College Woodwork. But we thought, why not let them speak for themselves?

    Our furniture line includes a vast selection of bedroom and home office pieces, as well as other accessories tailored to meet the needs of today's consumer. In creating exceptional furniture, we maintain our commitment to provide our consumers with quality pieces that are not only stylish and timeless but also durable and affordable.

    white dresser with change table insert and black change pad cover

    College Woodwork is involved in every step of the design of their well-made, solid wood furniture. The better quality, the more sure you can be that this is the right furniture for your baby.

    As an added bonus, they are also all for being environmentally ethical and eco-conscious. Check them out for their amazing dressers, chests, and bed storage.

    Rocky Mountain Decals - The Coolest Art for Your Nursery Walls

    We've mentioned Rocky Mountain Decals before, and we're about to do it again. They're just that great.

    Quality artistic decorations made with the safest materials, Rocky Mountain Decals add some amazing personality to your nursery.

    watercolour floral wallpaper with white shelves full of books

    Right from their site:

    Rocky Mountain Decals is a small team inspired by anything fun and pretty! We love producing cute wall decor for kids, and kids at heart. Starting out in Alberta, we are now based in Ontario, Canada but sell worldwide.

    Looking to decorate your nursery, but you're just not sure on the quality of what you're putting on the walls? These guys have amazing removable wallpaper, map decals, and wall decals for a variety of themes.

    Monte - Great Nursery Chairs

    Having a chair for your nursery is essential for your comfort and general ease. That's what is so great about Monte - you're getting what you need, at exactly the level of craftsmanship you want.

    black nursing chair with lumbar pillow with modern black and white fabric

    What's even cooler about Monte is that they started out of the need to design and furnish their very own nursery!

    From Monte's website:

    Their belief is that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and their goal is to produce exceptionally comfortable and design-driven products that you will be proud to own.

    mom and baby in navy blue nursing chair

    Monte's natural materials that allow for you to feel good about the furniture you use, and to trust in the quality of a nursing chair that you know came from all the best places: love, need, and Canada! You can be comfortable and confident with everything at Monte.

    Home Hardware - Finding the Right Paints

    Handcrafted furniture and great designs are one thing, but for paints, your options do seem a little limited.

    Not so! Home Hardware is all about Canadiana and home projects - especially because they're from right here.

    mom changing baby girl in floral boho blush nursery room

    Home stores are 100% Canadian owned, with 100,000 different items available! There's a perfect Home store for your project, gift idea or everyday household item.

    Supporting Canadian owned stores with locations all over the country and online ordering available. Feel good about quality paints for your nursery and knowing that when you buy Home Hardware you directly support local business owners. And the more we support them, the more they grow and the better they get. This is just the best way to spread that Canadian love.

    It's from Canada, Eh?

    red and black plaid patchwork quilt on pine crib

    When it comes to Canada Made, it's not just calling out quality. It's about the whole process. Knowing where your furniture and supplies come from goes a long way into making you sure you've made the right decisions for you and your new baby. It's all about having that close-to-home transparency, and wanting to shop local - from the Atlantic to the Pacific, everything up North and in between.

    Rest easier, spend smarter, and shop better; that's what it's all about. When you buy local -- you're supporting Moms just like you! 

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