Modern Baby Bedding | Proudly Made in Canada

  • You know that feeling you get when you wrap up in a cozy blanket your Grandmother made or when you're Mom makes you homemade chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven. It's the feeling of love. That's what you're baby will feel when you wrap them in our linens that are all carefully made by hand by our team of expert sewers. We believe that every baby should be surrounded by love.

    Made with Love

    We're passionate about designing and creating linens that are safe for your baby, ethically made in our mom-powered design studio and factory where we create modern designs that will last a lifetime. Each item is individually created to our high standards of quality, safety and longevity ensuring only the best for you and your baby. This is why for over 40 years Moms have chosen Sweet Kyla.

    How it All Started

    We are co-owners, designers and creators of Sweet Kyla, but most importantly we're friends. We met on the school play ground in 2001, like all Moms do! We've shared lots of good times together as Moms on field trips, play dates, talent shows, dessert parties and of course graduations, while we both pursued our respective careers. In 2016, we decided it was time to follow our real passion to be "entrepreneurs" and unleash our creative side – so together we partnered to carry on the tradition of Sweet Kyla. We love what we do and are grateful for each other and most importantly thankful to you, our "Sweet Moms" who have chosen to surround your baby in our linens

    We Believe "Made in Canada Matters"

    We believe strongly that "Made in Canada" matters, especially for babies. How you get to a finished product is so important – and that's why at Sweet Kyla, if we can't make it we won't design it. The care in sourcing responsibly, the love in every stitch, the numerous quality inspections to our shipping methods, is so important. Our commitment to this approach and together with our process is a big part of the reason you can feel good about surrounding your baby with Sweet Kyla.

    Why Local is Important to Your Baby

    We're on a mission to bring local back and believe strongly that "Made in Canada" matters to our local economy and the environment. More importantly, we know that our Sweet Kyla team can design and create some of the finest made baby linens for you to wrap your precious little baby in, which is truly a privilege. When an item is made with love, it can be felt…and a baby can never have too much love!

    We'd love to hear your thoughts on the importance of Made in Canada. What are some of your favourite Canadian brands? Share with us below!

    Sweet Thanks — Lynda & Pamela xo

    Photo Credits: Yellow Brick Road Photography