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A Baby Girl Nursery Designed with Soft Pink & Bunnies!

  • Meet Brielle. Brielle is already a beautiful 18-month-old baby girl. If you take a step inside Brielle’s world, you will feel a strong rush of love for her big sister, Mila, and her Mom. Brielle yearns to spend all the time she can with these wonderful, adorable people in her life.

    sweet little baby girl on change pad with her mom

    The trouble, in the beginning, was with Brielle’s nursery room. The nursery itself was like a closed flower – right on the cusp of blossoming into something much more beautiful. In the beginning, her nursery was functional in arrangement but dreary in colour scheme. Too many taupe and grey tones populated the space.

    baby girl nursery in soft pink with bunny rabbit painting over crib

    To everyone’s great joy, Brielle’s Mom took on the task of transforming the nursery into a dreamy, soft pink space. It has become a space where Brielle, Mila, and Mom can spend contented, happy hours together as Brielle grows into toddlerhood.

    soft pink storage basket with pretty little baby girl shoes

    Read on to learn how this closed flower of a nursery blossomed into a gorgeous space for this young family.

    Transformation #1: Fabulous fabrics

    The first peek of a fresh bloom in this nursery was the fabrics. Brielle’s Mom wanted a base of unique and on-trend fabrics to mix and match for the space.

    She began by ordering some of our free fabric swatches. She was able to feel the fabrics and experiment with their layout in the space as it was transforming. This helped her vision to come to life while incorporating high-end, quality fabrics which matched her budget.

    soft pink in a baby girl nursery with nursing chair and side tables

    Each of the fabrics Brielle’s Mom selected are in a soft pink hue which is soothing, elegant, and very feminine. She combined our Bella Collection with our Faith Collection. Our Bella Collection offers both a soft pink pinwheel and a pink scroll pattern. The Faith Collection incorporates pink plaid and chevron patterns.

    beautiful mom and two daughters enjoying time together in pink nursery

    The designs on these fabrics complimented each other within Brielle's new nursery space. Brielle's Mom used the fabrics to reupholster a rocking chair. This tied the look of the nursery together, along with matching throw pillows, laundry hampers, and blankets.

    mom arranging decor pillows in the baby's crib

    Mom was also thrilled to add one of our toddler duvet covers to the nursery. This addition will allow her baby girl's sweet nursery to continue to grow up with her.

    Transformation #2: Furniture fix-up

    The furniture in the room was once all dark brown. This matched the functional approach of the room. But, it was preventing the room from blossoming further.

    An easy fix! Brielle's Mom painted the furniture grey to introduce a neutral tone into the room. Gold handles added to the paint job for each piece of furniture offered up the perfect match with the ceiling light fixture and lamp.

    soft pink rug in a baby girl's nursery room

    A perfect contrast to the furniture in the room was a pink round rug addition.

    Rugs are an essential piece of nursery decoration. Adding one to your nursery space will not only add comfort, but also colour, pattern, and texture. Choose a larger rug to anchor your major furniture pieces or a smaller rug to highlight a specific item or area. Brielle's Mom used the impact of the pink rug and its colouring to soften the neutral palette of the furniture.

    Transformation #3: Accelerate with accents!

    Brielle's Mom also experimented with updating and refining accents. This helped to accelerate the final blossoming of this room into the perfect space for her baby girl.

    young girl sitting in nursery chair reading a story book

    She incorporated more gold highlights into a few of the frames used in her daughter's wall collage. A small floral arrangement placed on the dresser personified the literal blossoming of the room into a beautiful space for the girls.

    grey dresser with brushed gold handles used for change table with photo gallery over top

    Brielle's grandfather also painted a beautiful, special canvas for the space. This wall art piece hangs, in pride of place, above her crib.

    bunny painted on canvas above baby crib in nursery

    Try these three transformations for your own new arrival! Incorporating colourful and inspiring fabrics, playing with the colour scheme, and updating accents can help to blossom your nursery into a stunning space for your family!