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7 Unique Ideas Create Your Own Feature Wall in Your Nursery

  • Oh, feature wall, how do I love thee! Let me count the ways – you play well with my room's layout and theme, you add visual interest, and you will grow with my child.

    Canopies with floral details to create a magical feature wall behind cribs for twin girls

    Find your own match made in heaven by creating your very own feature wall in your baby's nursery!

    A feature wall – also known as an accent wall – will help to create a cheerful, soft focal point to the nursery space

    A feature wall is a single wall that has been given a special emphasis to set it apart from the rest of the space. Incorporating this approach into your decorating plans will bring energy, focus, and a bit of drama into your room.

    painted feature wall of mountain design in a baby nursery

    Here are a few inspirations and guidelines to use when considering creating your very own feature wall for your nursery.

    Accentuate an existing feature of the room

    If you have chosen a nursery room with a unique element, the feature wall can draw the eye to it. You can also play with the impact of this space as your baby grows!

    For example, you might try adding a mural wallpaper to emphasize an attractive built-in bookcase or cozy alcove. Imagine reading to your little one next to this bookcase, with the very same characters from your story dancing across the walls of your nursery

    feature wall with black paint in a baby nursery

    Create visual interest in the room

    If, in contrast, your room does not have any special elements that you want to emphasize – don't panic! A feature wall can help you create your own compelling design for the room.

    You have several options for doing so. First, you might try adding a splash of colour to create definition. You can consider having a family member paint a mural, or cover a wall with chalkboard paint to invite the whole family to add their own works of art.

    Incorporating a pattern into the feature wall is another option. You can go big and bold with painting your own DIY chevron wall in the nursery. This is still an artistic outlet for you as the nursery creator, but it is more forgiving than painting a design. If your DIY chevrons are a little bit crooked, the lines act like an optical illusion. No one will ever know!

    mountain feature wall in a baby nursery

    Geometric patterns or stripes in the room pair well with accents and will grow with your child. Using pastel hues softens the impact of the lines in the room. Integrate our Chevron Pink or Chevron Grey collections to add to the feeling of clean, simple lines and sense of movement in the feature wall.

    Create a dramatic backdrop for your nursery theme

    A themed room looks even better with a majestic feature wall.

    Introducing a rich texture into the feature wall, such as reclaimed wood paneling, can transport you and your little one to a cabin in the woods.

    reclaimed wood to create a feature wall in a baby nursery

    You can experiment with using decals from the woodland theme on the feature wall as well. Placing the decals over baby's crib will help to draw the eye towards this part of the room. You could also create your own mural with these decals. The woodland theme feature wall pairs well with our Woodland Fox and Grey Deer fabric collections.

    painted feature wall in sky blue with white birch tree stencils behind baby crib

    Decals are flexible and forgiving. You can move them around to your heart's content over the course of baby's early days!

    Whichever way you decide to build out your feature wall, use it to enhance the existing nursery space. Cool colours in the feature wall can help make the room seem larger and more spacious. A warm-hued feature wall, in contrast, will help the room to feel cozy.

    The feature wall is a customizable and adaptive tool for any aspiring nursery designer to use. Try out this creative and fun outlet for your own nursery!