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7 Sweet Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

  • One of the greatest moments in your pregnancy comes early on - and that's the chance to tell everyone you love that they are soon to have a new person in their lives!

    Spreading the exciting news is always a joy - whether you decide to get creative with it or not. But why not get creative with it and really revel in the celebration?

    expecting parents holding baby shoes in their hands

    Consider how you might like to announce your pregnancy to your friends and family with these creative ideas we've curated together here! You might even want to consider how to tell different people the news. For example, maybe your parents would appreciate finding out in a special way before your acquaintances on Facebook.

    Also be sure to think over the medium you'll be using to share the news, as well as your audience. If you haven't yet shared with your boss that you're pregnant then you don't want to be sharing a pregnancy announcement online where people will be able to share it. But the news will spread, of course! So when you're preparing to announce make sure you're ready for everyone to know!

    Be mindful of your own thoughts and feelings and then have fun with it!

    Keep it simple

    These concepts might not be the most over-the-top of gestures, but there is something to be said for keep it understated. The focus with an announcement like this would be really on the big news and not the showmanship. Think about using cards, letters, and cake toppers to subtly let your loved ones know the good news.

    Keep it real

    Especially when you've already gone through pregnancy before and you are very familiar with the realities ahead - keep it real for your announcement! Rather than focusing on solely the cute aspects of pregnancy and raising children, you can let people know that you know what's ahead and you're excited anyway with a clever announcement like these!

    couple in grocery store freezer section

    Capture the reaction

    Simply have your camera at the ready when you announce to your close friends and/or family that you're expecting! It's a great way to capture the moment and cherish the memory! And, if you like, you could always use the photo as the way you announce to others that you're pregnant! Just include a caption to let them know the very important words that preceded the snap and you've got yourself a super sweet announcement for the masses!


    Acknowledge that your whole family is growing!

    Whether you have a fur baby or another human baby (or both), find a way to incorporate them into your announcement! This is a super cute way to announce that your family is growing!  Give your children (furry or not) a sonogram or a message to hold.

    Think about the different ways your  children will be impacted by your latest addition and use that to inspire your announcement photos. You might consider mixing this idea with the last one, and try to capture your child's reaction to the big news! Just be warned - it might not be the joyous happy photo you're hoping for if it's a big surprise for your child.


    Small objects imply baby on the way

    It might sound a little cutesy and, in fact, it really is. That doesn't mean it's not going to tug on the heart strings of you and whoever you decide to share the news with! Think about an object that is themed to the time of year, something that is meaningful or common to both you and your partner, or just something very adorable when tiny.

    Pair these objects together to make a physical representation of your family and snap a picture!

    Think about a hobby you love

    If you have a hobby that you adore, especially a shared one with your co-parent to be, we think this is a great way to share your big news. Whether you're into reading, gaming, sports, shopping, music, movies, baking, crafting - there is definitely a way to use this to frame your announcement! This is the perfect method for someone who wants to get creative!

    Give people a sign

    This idea could be incorporated with a lot of the ideas we've shared above, but it's also a great standalone. There is tons of inspiration for photographs of message boards and baby objects as a way to announce your baby is on the way.

    You can always get creative with the message itself and the theme of the objects you're curating together! Perhaps you've already decided on a woodland nursery theme, so use that to inspire your photo with your favourite baby blanket as the background.

    However you decide to announce your pregnancy, just make sure it's the right time and the right way for you! This is an exciting time, but we can often get bogged down in the stress! We encourage you to use the announcement as a way to truly slow down and appreciate this moment in time.