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5 Unique Baby Gender Reveal Ideas

  • Finding out and sharing with others the gender of your baby can be just as exciting as announcing your pregnancy in the first place! If you are excited to know the gender of your baby, then you'll definitely want to do a gender reveal for your friends and family.

    letter board baby announce due july 2018

    This is another big moment in your pregnancy, so find the perfect idea that suits you and your partner. We've scoured the internet to find some of the best ideas for gender reveals out there. You might opt to host a party, or to just create a picture to share with others, but make sure whatever you choose feels like fun for you!

    Make a game of it

    Gender reveal parties are obviously a lot of fun for everyone involved! Your loved ones will have even more of a blast with a creative party game that ties into the gender reveal theme! Think about hosting a scavenger hunt party, running a game of jeopardy, or having a pinata!

    A scavenger hunt could allow the winning team to announce the result to the rest of the party or you could just let everyone play through and the last clue reveals the gender of your new family member! For games like jeopardy or another trivia games - consider having all the answers to the questions be the gender of your baby and see how long it takes your guests to catch on!

    Couple in the frozen section of the grocery store

    Have a themed pinata full of pink or blue candies for you, your partner, or your guests to break open! Everyone loves a pinata.

    Feast on the reveal

    With these edible gender reveals, you'll definitely be relishing the sweetness of sharing the gender of your baby with others. What we particularly love about these sweet treat ideas is that it would be easy to incorporate into a photo shoot or a party!

    pink and blue cotton candy in a wooden stand

    Basically take any sweet treat that you love and fill it with blue or pink icing, sprinkles, or batter. You could do this yourself if you already know the gender or ask your doctor to keep the secret in an envelope to be shared with a friend or bakery.

    Or, you could simply reveal the baby's gender at the party by having everything, including the refreshments, be one colour - pink or blue. Either way it's going to be delicious!

    cupcake with white icing and baby blue filling

    Create together

    Take advantage of Sweet Kyla's free fabric swatches to create party decor with your guests.

    pink fabric swatches

    Order pink and blue swatches of fabric for your guests to use to guess what the gender of your baby is. You could ask guests to pin the swatch they choose to their clothes, add them to a display, or pin to the hem of your dress. You could also use swatches to make banners out of.

    Alternatively, if you're planning on just taking a photo, rather than hosting a whole party, you could make a bunting style banner out of the swatches!

    blue fabric swatch

    Get messy

    There's a lot of fun ideas out there that involve a lot of clean up afterwards! If you're ready for the consequences of these reveals, we know you'd have a ton of fun!

    You could fill water guns or balloons with blue or pink paint and have your guests shoot you and your partner. For this, you're definitely going to want to wear white.

    pink confetti strips in the air

    It doesn't have to be paint though - silly string, glitter, confetti, and pillow fights are all wonderfully fun options for parties or photo shoots!  Taking a photo of the moment you're covered in paint, or confetti is raining down on you, would also make for a great photo keepsake or reveal in itself.

    Reveal the nursery, too

    If you've already got your nursery set up and it's very pink or very blue - this could be a great way to reveal the gender of your baby to the rest of the world!

    gorgeous pink nursery with white crib and pink drapes

    Post a photo of the room online for your friends and family to fawn over.  Invite people over in small groups to see the room and have a private moment with them to reveal your baby's new space and their gender. Or throw a party where the nursery and gender reveal are the centrepiece! By the time you're done, your baby's nursery is going to be full of love.

    baby boy change station

    However you decide to reveal your baby's gender to the world, we hope you have fun with it! Happy planning and celebrating!