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5 New Colour Trends for Baby Nurseries and Children's Rooms

  • One of the most exciting times for parents-to-be or new parents is when deciding how to decorate their new child’s nursery. Often it's a time when the idea of being a parent becomes very real, choosing what colours and patterns to use when creating what will be their child's first space.

    Knowing the newest colour predictions for nurseries and toddler rooms may help to make your design decisions easier, and the process a little more joyful.

    Precious Pinks

    Pink has been a traditional favourite for little girl's rooms, and this season is no different. Tints of soft to blush pink will be very important in children's décor this year. All hues of pink will be paired with different shades of gold - from high shine to soft butter or shaded mustard.

    While high impact power pink will still be used, it'll more often be seen as an accent to softer pallets. White and grey remain an excellent addition to a pink room, providing balance. Pinks bring grace and softness to any room, while infusing the space with a feeling of tenderness and peace.

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    Refreshing Lilac & Lavender

    The lighter tints of purple, from lilac to lavender, accented with grey or silver are new and refreshing ways purple will be used in 2018. Seen as mysterious and sophisticated, purple (especially lighter shades) can be playful and fun.

    Lilac & Lavender are wonderfully fresh and light when paired with bright, clean white, becoming more subtle and subdued when paired with grey. Lilac and Lavender will also be seen paired with the mustards and coppers of the gold family.

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    Calming Blue

    Dark blue has always held a place in home décor, but in 2018 we'll see it come to the forefront. Dark blues will be balanced against lighter neutrals like white and ivory, with brighter colours used as accents.

    The use of whites and ivories will help a room feel more spacious. Blue creates a calm and tranquil environment, and the serenity of dark blue can be played up or down, depending on which accent colours are added. With neutrals the space will remain clean and calm, while blue can also be a backdrop to other, more intense oranges, pinks, or reds which will app up a baby's room.

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    Gorgeous Greens

    Green is a colour to watch in 2018. Often used as an accent in home décor, this year will see green become a more dominant colour. The colour green will be toned down with greys, and tinted with white to create a softer hue.

    Green is easily seen as a neutral and a green with a grey base (think sage, moss, and mint) can easily coordinate with greys, pinks, blues, and golds. This year will see greens paired with light woods such as pine , which looks stunning, and reed furniture like wicker and rattan. Greens are serene and calming, representing growth and harmony.

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    Dramatic Black and White

    Black and white have always been used in home décor but is not often a major player in children's rooms. This year will see this change. These two colours will become the prominent visual feature in a child's room, not just in accents.

    Black and white will become the focal point and take up larger visual space. These colours allow for a minimalistic feel to a room, providing a clean pallet. Yet, as neutrals, they also allow the use of other colours to become the accent in a room. The combination of black and white provides a refreshing cleanliness and work strongly toward creating a sense of space.

    No matter how you want to decorate your baby's room, there are options available to turn your vision into a reality. Have fun with it!

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