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  • The joy of seeing your baby’s new smile for the first time will have you over the moon! But many parents would probably like to skip over the teething phase of their baby’s life. Not all baby will display the same symptoms of teething and some won’t show any! But the teething period typically begins at 3-6 months and lasts up to a year or more.

    How can you make it better? Crib rail protectors from Sweet Kyla will help keep your baby’s mouth safe during this fragile period. They make a great addition to your baby’s nursery and can be matched with Sweet Kyla’s baby bedding products. Keep on reading to learn why rail protectors are the newest trend in nursery decor!

    Crib Rail Protectors

    What Is A Crib Rail Protector?

    Sweet Kyla’s crib rail protectors are cushiony fabric coverings for the top crib rails, designed to protect your baby from the crib — and protect the crib from your baby! Our rail protectors come in one long side or two small sides. The fabric is made from 100% cotton and ties onto the crib using small cloth ties. All our crib rail protectors are made locally in Canada! Remember to check the ties periodically to ensure they are fastened securely.

    Crib Rail Protector

    Why Use A Crib Rail Protector?

    At Sweet Kyla, we include crib rail protectors as an optional part of many of our baby bedding sets because we believe there are 4 great reasons to use one! Here they are...


    Mouth safety is very important for teething babies. Many babies will chew on the railings of their crib, as the wooden bar presents an easy target for their exploring mouths! Crib rail protectors can cushion your baby’s mouth from bumps and knocks, as they will be prone to slips and falls. Keep that tiny mouth safe from harm!


    These days most children’s furniture is designed with lead-free paint—but make sure you check! Even if the paint is non-toxic, you still probably don’t your baby to be ingesting wood chips. Rail protectors will prevent babies from peeling paint and wood off the crib rails with their brand new teeth!


    Just as much as you want to protect your baby, you also want to protect your crib! Babies are likely to leave some teeth marks on their cribs, no matter how hard you try. Rail protectors will guard the most visible parts of the furniture against damage and can be easily washed when they get dirty. Remember that you may want to reuse this crib for a new brother or sister down the road! Keep it looking sharp :)


    The best part about rail protectors is that they look great on the crib! These fabric guards can really accent a new crib or cover up teeth marks on an old one. Match your rail protectors with the rest of your baby bedding set or mix it up if that’s your style!

    Sweet Kyla’s Canadian Made rail protectors are available in a huge range of colours and patterns, including chevron, moxy, grey deer and more. Browse our full collection of crib rail protectors and order online!


    Sweet Kyla is a premium designer and creator of baby bedding, based in the charming town of Guelph, Ontario. Over almost 40 years, our brand has grown from a small idea to a vibrant business. Today, Sweet Kyla offers the best locally-made baby bedding in Canada.